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some ppl are stupid 01-17-06 21:25
so i really hate my math teacher and i have a feeling this is gonna be one long term....first he says i wont make it in the class, then he has me going around helping ppl cuz i get it, the his grading system is retarded! instead of the normal 1 thru 10 scoring or a thru f, he gives u a check mark, and the angle of the check mark is the grade u got, so if its more of a straight line then u get an f but if its a shrap check mark u got an a, ok....what an idiot!
Quote of the day 01-15-06 23:51
Good things DO come to those who wait!!! i love having patience, its a great gift =)
blah! 01-04-06 22:48
how come it seems more and more like im living my life for everyone else? it seems like i can give everyone else the answers in life, but i cant answer my own life questions. i can give anyone good advice at 3 in the morning half asleep, but i cant even give myself advice at any time of day. maybe its cuz i have it all figured already, i know what i want in life, i know what i wanna do and how to get there. i understand i cant plan life, it just happens and i just have to roll with it cuz thats all i can do. i know everything will always work out in the end, so dont worry about it when things are getting tough, yes grace i know u hate me cuz i have that talent, i know if i really want something out of life, i will get it, and i am. I understand if something doesnt work out the way i wanted, then the way i wanted wasnt the way at all. maybe i do give myself good advice, i just dont know it.
so u talk to this guy over a course of like 3 or 4 months, really get to know him, talk to him like everynight, pretty much almost dating, but still in the just friends phase, both attracted to each other, everythings fine and dandy, then one day u call him, like u do every night, and no answer, so the next nigh u call, no answer, the next day, no he never calls u back and never picks up, yet the last u talked to him things were great. u know he is still alive cuz he gets on his myspace regularly and only leaves u one comment saying he has been busy, but then he still doesnt answer, still doesnt talk to u when ur both whats the deal? so if he never wanted to ever talk to me again, y couldnt he have just said it so i can just move on like i always have to do, but no, he wont tell me y he is totally ignoring me, so i dont know if things are totally over between us, or if he is just getting too caught up in stuff and just doesnt have time, grr its driving me insane i just wanna know y, how do i always get dumped this way, this is exactly how my ex broke it off with me, no call, no answer, then bam,were through, 3 months later hes engaged and now married. damn life sucks.
marrige.... 11-06-05 16:10
ok seriously, whats the deal, everyone is getting married or having babies, just in the last 2 weeks, one person has gotten married and 3 have announced to me there engaged now, and 2 other ppl are having baby girls soon, WTF? am i the only sane one that thinks marrige is way to soon at this age, i mean a 20 year old just married a 17 year old, im 19 and couldnt imagine being engaged much less married! there making me feel old and im not even the one doing it. maybe if i was like madly in love right now it would be different, but im not, but even if i was, which i have been, i still dont wanna get married til im atleast 21 or 22, ATLEAST! whats the fun if ur married but still cant drink wine on ur honeymoon? or u cant even afford a honeymoon cuz ur so young and nieve that u dont have a job better than mcdonalds to save money. i guess im just overwhelmed with so many close friends giving their lives away, things are different after u get married, u wanna spend all ur time with ur husband/wife and u dont go out as often, u wanna start making a family, which takes up all ur time, and thats when ppl lose touch. dont get me wrong, i wanna get married and have children so bad, and i want it sooner than later, but still i see too many single moms in college struggling between classes work and time for kids to make a better life for their children, and the family i babysi for wanted kids so soon that they ended up both dropping out of college and settled for meteroker jobs making enuf to buy food and pay bills, and dont have time to ever go out to enjoy themselves. Am i the only one that realizes the fact that if u truely love someone and they love u back that marrige can be put off til the right time comes when u can afford it and school is almost done, and ur at a better point in ur life, i really do think im the only person that grasps that fact, well other than my almost bf, he is the only other person that realizes marrige can wait, kids can wait, have fun while ur young. atleast some one understands, ok now that i have that frustration out i feel better =)
yummy 10-29-05 14:49
so its appraoching my favorite time of year again, when they sell eggnog =) so i came home from work today and my parents actually bought groceries for once, and even bought egg nog, yeah so im gonna get fat and happy
blah 10-27-05 12:44
im so tired, i wanna sleep so bad, but i dont have time anymore =( sad when ur that busy, ive got midterms next week, ive got to do work all weekend to get done by monday, and ive gotta work all day the next 3 days, time is an evil thing. I never have enuf of it or when i do i dont know what to do with it, grrr.
i hate.......... 10-18-05 19:48
being sick =( im starting to think im getting the flu or something, its going around. im so tired and weak i dont even wanna move and i can barely talk cuz my throat hurts so bad. =( and i have a 9 hour day at school tomorrow and i have to go. i really wanna just go sleep but i have stuff to do. i hate being sick, its miserable and because of stupid ass meth heads u have to start getting a prescription for cold medicine, damn fucktards!
to say the least 10-17-05 20:43
brittany, ur FUCKED!!!!! so turns out that creeper korean u were telling me about is the same creeper korean i was telling u about in my math class!!!and worst of all HE WANTS YOU!!!!!!!!! so me and grace were in the library playing on the comp waiting for our next class and he randomly walks up to us and asks grace if he knows brittany, and she points at me and tells him i know you well and to ask me and he asks me what kinda guys you like and im like ummm well shes leaving for the navy soon and the last guy she liked left for the navy, and he was like, good that just means i have a chance, does she like officers, cuz im gonna be an officer, does she like athority, cuz can be athority and ill be in uniform, i hope she likes a guy in uniform. then he went on about how he had some disfigurment of the face or he was malformed, something like that, basically saying he is butt ass ugly, just in a creepy way. so he wanted to know everything he could find out about her and told me not to tell her i talked to a weird asian guy lmao, a lot more was said but it is way to hard to quote that kid cuz he talks like a freak, brittany should know. thats the same kid i give a hard time to in math cuz he sits down the table from me and he has to get past me to get to his chair, but everytime my chair is pushed back so he cant get through, he will stand there and stare at me like im gonna magically move, and he never will say excuse me, so now when he walks in i porposly move back and sit there and wont move until he says something, and it takes minutes lol. well thats enuf ranting for now, brittany have fun with crazy asian guy =)
wow that was fun 10-16-05 21:51
who knew egging my ex's house would be so much fun, oh u cant forget the rotting pumpkin, hey he deserved any guy that has done the sick and fucked up things as he has, needs to die, and i normally wouldnt say that about anyone, but he deserves it, but yeah, it was fun. weekends have been so much more fun since college started, now i actually get out of my house more often, woo hoo. so last night we went to a corn maze and had a blast playing in the mud, i had to get my new john deere sweatshirt dirty, it said play in the dirt, and i could help but listen. so on our way home there was this really pretty car next to us with this ugly ass guy with a car full of ppl and we were in our lil old grandma car and they were looking at us and we were looking at them so we assumed when the light turned green they were gonna go really fast, but the grandma car put the sportscar to shame, sad huh, so then they passed us and the chick mooned us, so we passed them again and me and skye mooned them, then they did it again so we flashed them and took an exit so we got the last one in lol, entertainment for the night, wow i really need to find better things to do lol
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